We hold three meetings every year - usually in March, June and November.

These last for a very full half day, with attending members gathering the evening before and starting early the following morning.

The venue for the next meeting is the luxury country house setting of Luton Hoo Hotel Golf and Spa, a 5 star hotel on the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


The meetings begin with drinks and dinner the evening preceding the main day.

Each table is not only hosted by a member of the President's committee, but seated will be one of the following day's speakers.

The following day is busy, featuring three early morning sessions and three more before lunch.

They are short, sharp and focused on the topic in hand, with each speaker addressing the audience for about 45 minutes, including time for questions, discussion and debate.

people worth listening to

The experience, knowledge and standing of the membership is reflected in the expertise and status of the guest speakers. All very different but who all possess the ability to stimulate, challenge and enlighten.

An AFI meeting is thought-provoking, challenging and of immense value to the individual members and their businesses.